Fashion Week / Men's Fashion

Jevevieve Lyons “defragmented” AW17 collection 

Images via SDR photo

Isolated yet connected. That was the premise of Jenevieve Lyons AW17 collection. Structured perhaps by means of starching, this season Lyons went architectural, with stiff draping. Prior to the showcase I spoke with Jenevieve about the collection and as she had suggested in our email conservation, elements of her previous collections were indeed present in this new one: from the colours and fabrics to the tiny drops of brown paint-like looking details that were carefully splattered across the clothes. Not to mention the models faces which were decorated with brown make up to resemble freckles, another feature from her previous work. The designer played around with shape and different structures, layering materials against each other like amour. The sleeves and necklines unstitched with pieces of thread hanging while pantyhose stockings covered the models faces. It was more than just a fashion show, if anything it felt a lot like an installation. This is what happens when art meets fashion.

Read more on Jenevieve Lyons here.

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