The Social Message in Jenevieve Lyons A/W 16 Collection

Image via @jenevieve_lyons (Photographed by Harry Freeland)

During her recent showcase at SA Menswear Week a/w 16, models walked out in brown freckles and marks on their faces and upper body, not as  a fashion statement but rather to address albinism and challenge beauty norms. This statement continued on muted milk tones on jackets and tops, championing the message ‘beauty comes in different forms’.

In a continent were albinism is associated with witchcraft and  ritualsJenevieve Lyons explored the condition, creating illusions with layering and championing spots and freckles as a beautiful feature in ones body, one that communicates distinction and uniqueness. What are we if not for what makes us unique?



Refined fabrics were utilized here, perhaps to translate fragility. Abstract structures and unexpected fabric cuts on sleeves. A concept based on the complex and subjective idea of beauty. To quote the designer, ” a play on the abstruseness and juxtaposition of beauty”.







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