Culture / Fiction

Land of the Damned!

 image via the BBC, animated by The Global Spectator

In all its glory and opportunities, the land of milk and honey had turned into a version of Gotham city. Or maybe it had always been this way in some twisted subtle kind of way.

He stood still at the hands of his victimizers. “Go back home or die like a dog’, one shouted.

And for the first time in his life he trembled like a kid afraid of the dark.

They looked at him  one more time and without a single blink of fear or discomfort set another victim alight right before his eyes. With the smell of human skin burning and fading chants of help, he looked down in despair, his eyes tearing up.

A war had been declared!

By Innocent N @IamInnocentN.

This story is inspired by true events, the xenophobic attacks in South Africa - 2015.

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