Boris Kodjoe Reaches out to help fight Xenophobia


Boris Kodjoe has reached out to fight against xenophobia. The American actor who appears to be on holiday in Cape Town used his Twitter page to find out how he could be involved in helping fight against these violent attacks on foreign nationals.

XENOPHOBIA IS NOT THE ANSWER! South Africans, especially unemployed youth who struggle to access opportunities to improve their lives, are frustrated about an economy that excludes millions of South Africans. “But to focus this anger and frustration on a small group of foreign nationals who have become unfairly vilified and victimised does not address the cause of that frustration. We must not turn xenophobia into a political football. We must not shy away from the root causes of the problem either. The root of this problem lies in our inability to bring about economic growth and decrease the inequality that plagues our nation.” Democratic Alliance Parliamentary leader Mmusi Maimane #StopXenophobia #XenophobiaIsRacism #WeAreAllForeignersSomewhere

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