Loyiso Gola Responds to Cassper rant


Loyiso Gola took it upon himself to respond to Casspers Nyovest’ Twitter rant questioning why Woolworths chose to partner with Pharrell instead of a local star.

“Am I the only one who thinks corporates like Woolworths should collabo with local designers and artists instead of being us abo Pharrel??”

” As much as I’m a big fan of skate boy P , it’s high time we fight for more local content everywhere , not just radio but fashion too I think”.

” Money leaving our country. Corporates would rather take a B class American song & pay 2 mill for it instead of 500k 4 an a class local act”.

” Problem with us as local artists though, is unity. We all say the same thing but at different times. It would be louder if we came together”. – Cassper tweeted.

Check out Loyiso’s response below:

” @CassperNyovest but @WOOLWORTHS_SA can do whatever they want to do with THEIR money”.

“Yo @CassperNyovest I always see you complain about strange things like Kanye West stealing kwaito. Nobody owns kwaito. Nobody owns rap”.

“@CassperNyovest complaining about Pharrel doing a Woolies campaign is the same as Americans complaining about Trevor hosting the Daily show”.

” @CassperNyovest my advice is you become a global superstar so @WOOLWORTHS_SA can choose you over Pharrel not because you are local”.

” Guys the world is open for us to play in. I send this tweet from NYC on my hustle. Let’s stop complaining and be pragmatic”.

” @CassperNyovest Firstly ,you can be as big Pharrel. I am not clowning you dude, we play football together every week I can’t do that 2 u”.

” @CassperNyovest I am a fan of your shit. I tweeted about buying your album. As a fan I feel I have earned the right to call you out”.

In addition to Gola, a number of personalities also came in defense of Woolworths.


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