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At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’Burg, A Bold and Fearless Take on Menswear


It was an impressive season for the AFI Fast track designers who showcased their AW collections at MB Fashion Week Jo’Burg a few days ago. They kept it young, fresh and innovative with groundbreaking ideas and concepts. Now is not the time for fear seemed to be the central mindset of these designers. Here we ponder on our favourites as we disect and digest their Autumn/Winter 2015 looks.

At Armand Dicker a past reference era of balloon shaped silhouettes in a stone grey pallete and texture. Dramatic all black almost gothic looks also made their way. The idea seemed to be to play around with proportion. Big fuffly coats worn with slim fitted pants. Wide collars and a round shaped coat. On the other end chunky neck pieces were shown at Arnold Phasha. Deconstructed jackets, and raw underdone fringe hemlines and necklines. Cool textures like the woven patterned black top. A wider and much looser version of the polo neck was introduced. And in one instance worn with a pair of refined knitted sweatpants. In between the grey and black, the rich red hue became the perfect pop of colour.

For Martelle Ludik, extreme streetwear echoed by chained masks which by the way created some kind of eroticism vibe. Cool bold prints and even cooler artwork, a sack mask covering the entire face except the eyes. There were moments where it felt like a toned down version of Nasir Mazhar. And even then l liked it. Branded boxers peeping through the drop-worn knee length shorts – another reference l had also previously seen at Nasir Mazhar’s Spring 2015 collection. Patterns were mixed and mismatched and tops cut out to create sporty looks.
Light fabrics tones were shown at Neo Serati. Jackets and pants made of foil like fabrics. Yellow hats, similar to those presented by Fingers Crossed NYC during New York Fashion Week were worn. The construction of the two silver looks worn with shorts was so precise and clean cut. Have you ever heard of the hobo look? Well that’s what Siviwe James presented for AW15. A bohemian look for the gents. A 90s inspired multi coloured patchwork vintage jacket, models appearing in long messy hair. A thick chunky scarf partly wrapped around a model’s face. A drop crotch dungaree patched on both hip lines and a big lengthy coat smudged in paint like a splash of dirt. She kept the details interesting, with the paint also making its way to back pockets and what seemed like some dragon inspired tatoo pattern. The idea was carefully thought out l would imagine. Paint carelessly smudged to look like dirt when in actual fact that wasn’t the case.



Images by SDR.



Images by SDR.



Images by SDR.



Images by SDR.


Images  by SDR.

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One thought on “At Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Jo’Burg, A Bold and Fearless Take on Menswear

  1. Ms James Siviwe ,I thank God for reminding you that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Well done Maxaba, Nomjoli,Nonkosi, Malima. We are proud of you.

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