Fashion Week / Men's Fashion

SA Menswear Week Autumn/Winter 2015: OATH

Looks like somebody has been looking at the international scene for inspiration. And if l said that like its a bad thing – its not. From the aesthetic and tones to the proportions and prints this was a delight to watch. A cross between sportswear and high end street wear.

Gone are the days of heavy thick fabrics and layering for Autumn/Winter. At OATH A/W 2015, shorts were paired with sporty jackets – a super short short worn with a fluffy jacket on one instance and on another a short worn with a 90s inspired sporty jacket.

Box bags in both big and small sizes were used as accessories. Clean cut and effortless. Concise and young and very familiar, perhaps that’s what made it so appealing.

Gallery: OATH PRE A/W 2015


OATH Pre Fall 2015

OATH Pre Fall 2015 

OATH Pre Fall 2015 


Image via SDR Photo


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