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A Splash of Pink

I lied, it was very much more than just a splash.

At Sibling AW 15 we were introduced to the army of pink. One could have easily mistaken the showcase for some Barbie doll something only that it was men clad in head to toe pink. Pink on pink on pink was the message. Models walked down the ramp with giant props. Stripped jackets and cardigans wear worn with equally colorful shorts or full pants. Darker colours like black also made an appearance. In one look black knee length shorts were paired with a black and pink fur top. The contrast? Physically fit manly male models in this super soft and feminine colour palette. That was no coincidence.

The clothes themselves seemed ordinary. Nothing l hadn’t seen before. But perhaps there was a stronger underlying message – an exploration of a man’s tenderness, charm or femininity. This exploration of the ‘man’ continued with hints of pink on black, fish net pieces and latex-like  fabrics, suggesting some form of seduction or eroticism.


Sibling AW 15


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