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Let’s Party And Wear Like It’s The 70s

Lets party and wear like its the 70s. That was the message at the TopMan Design showcase yesterday.

The collection was somewhere between the rock n roll era and the race car driver. Big hair, slim fits, fur, high-waist pants and aztec inspired prints. Denim and tartan seemed to be the focal point or should l say fabrics. Tatrtan was mixed with denim, fur was sewn onto denim and placed on necklines, elbows and hemlines. It was also used as the inner lining on jackets. Pin stripes suits, poncho’s and snake prints on shirts. The 70s renaissance continued with wide legged pants and flare jeans.

A thinner and lighter version of the polo neck was worn with suits and one piece denim suits. Textures were mixed and paired – from fluffy coats to knits and smooth suede like fabrics. It was a little bit of everything – from a toned down version of the punk head to sports inspired and over the top looks like fluffy coats and jackets. An exploration of cultures and sub cultures presented in the lightest way possible.


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