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The Art Of Miniature Paintings

A visual glance at memorable works, pictures and texts.

In society super small things are always considered cute. Much cuter that larger scale objects. A pair of shoes, a new born baby, a dress, a puppy –  the list is endless. In this post we explore and get lost in the wonderful world of miniature paintings by South African artist Lorraine Loots. Here, we follow her journey, from January to December 2014, through some of her most beautiful work.


Lorraine Loots is the talented artist behind 365 postcards for ants. The project began last year when she challenged herself to making a piece of artwork everyday for one full year. Continuing with her groundbreaking project, in 2014 she ventured into the second phase, creating mini scale paintings this time inspired by Cape Town.

Her book, ‘365 Paintings For Ants’, is an exclusive offering featuring 365 paintings made in 2013.

About the BOOK:

The book comprises all 365 miniature paintings, each printed on it’s own spacious page, expertly thread-sewn and bound with gold-foiling details and two ribbons to mark your favourite paintings. It’s available for purchase here: here.

Day 13: Bakoven beach treasures

Day 26: The Kwikster


Day 29: Disa Uniflora – The Pride Of Table Mounatain

Day 235: European bee-eater | Merops apiaster

Day 264: Tuberose | Polianthestuberosa (the real flower pictured is Jasmine)

Day 270: 1962 Volkswagen Classic

Day 332: Fynbos boutonniere

Day 347: Daisy | Bellis perennis

Images via Lorraine Loots (

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