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Julia Roberts Unveiled As New Face of Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign

Julia Roberts has been revealed as the new face of Givenchy Spring/Summer 2015 campaign. For the campaign look, Roberts wore a black masculine suit and also went make up free. Speaking to Artistic Director Riccardo Tisci said:

“I’m literally shocked, happy shocked. Julia, she’s one of the few [stars] that you don’t know much about. She doesn’t do fashion shoots, she doesn’t do covers, she doesn’t do all of that. But still, she’s one of the most well-known people in the world. Even my mom and my sisters—they care about fashion because of me, but they don’t really follow fashion—their reaction was so excited. Julia, you don’t see her much, she doesn’t do fashion campaigns, she has this big contract for many years which we all know with Lancôme. When I asked, I was very surprised that she said yes.” – Givenchy Artistic Director Riccardo Tisci

Don’t you just love simple and minimalist campaigns? We do!


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