Indonesia Introduces Birth Control Pill… For Men


Break through in male contraceptives.

Indonesian researchers have introduced a male birth control pill created from an exotic plant called the Justicia gendarussa. Research on the plant and its properties has been going on since 1985 and the pill will see the light of day soon, as early as 2016 in Indonesia, reports Global Post..  According to the lead research scientist Bambang Prajogo who heads a team of researchers from the the country’s National Family Planning Coordination Board and Airlangga University, the pill is 99% effective.

The contraceptive is said to weaken enzymes in sperm which stops them from moving into the females reproductive cell. It’s further reported that the pill doesn’t affect the hormones and has little side effects. Natives of Indonesia’s Papua island are known to boil the gendarussa in tea and drink it just 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. Results from test subjects show that after 30 days of not taking the pill, the procedure is reversed.


How do you feel about this breakthrough in male contraceptives and are you open to using it?

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