Men's Fashion

Fashion Digest: Okunoren Twins Spring/Summer 2015


For SS15, the Okuneren Twins delve into a journey of effortless cool with traditional influences.

In fashion you can either go traditional or try something completely new. For Spring/Summer 15 Okunoren Twins did both. Suits were constructed and presented in luxurious relaxed tailoring. Solid tones on rich fabrics. An organic vibe emerged from the collection, perhaps via the setting or coarse material that was stitched together with cotton fabrics. The traditional Aso Oke fabric and pattern was generously used- often appearing at different angles on shirt sleeves and once as a patch on a tail shirt. A coarse edge sleeve on one look and a zipper sleeve detail on another. A high-end take on the traditional Buba shirt and Aso Sonke.

The sandals were the shoe of choice. Rope sandals and leather sandals worn with suits.

It told a story, a story of effortlessly looking good and perhaps ditching the or so formal traditional suit.

The simple take away: dress easy cause in the end minimalism reigns.

Peep more campaign images below:




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