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Cassper Disses K.O, AKA And DJ Vigilante In New Track “Beef”

Cassper Nyovest has dropped a new track titled “Beef”. On the single the rapper disses AKA, K.O and DJ Vigilante.

“None of you all  n****s can f**k with me. The cheque l got this morning says f**k Viggi. Cool at number two cause l’m richer than number one”, he raps, referencing the recent MTV Base Hottest MCs list in which he took the number 2 spot behind K.O. He also raps about being a ruler of the game, selling gold and being lyrically underrated.

Listen to the song here.


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7 thoughts on “Cassper Disses K.O, AKA And DJ Vigilante In New Track “Beef”

  1. Tell ths fergets cassper cos thy ar busy trying 2 chase u cant thy see u ar a shooting star dum astronomist shambock thm wth yo ponytail bcz thy ar running behind u

  2. Well cassper nyovest claims to be “humble”, does he even know what it means? He is an arrogant hypocrite who hids behind the word “humble”

  3. cassper is childish, he needs guidance or else he’ll end up confused than he already is, He is on the right track but soon he’ll need features and collabs with the very same rappers he disses ….. couple of hot tracks and he starts shouting? sit your ass down papa! hase mo states

    The same niggas Ludachris referred to on his badaboom track

    to add on that Aka is SAs KING OF HIP HOP

    and KO aswell is the freshest

  4. aiii nooo cassper is humble cos at da end of dae he admittd dat he is wrong nd apologised nd it takes a big man to man-up….so u guys must grow balls,grow up cos wat u sayng is realli childish right now…mxm

  5. i agree with you Lerato, the man is humble and he is not an arrogant hypocrite….well atleast he knew that what he did was wrong and he apologised for it…..and besides oky i am aslo a K.O fan and i really think K.O sholud forgive cassper as he apologises and as for A.K.A i dont know cos i dont care ……Cassper and K.O #BestArtists

  6. K.o he is writing an album to bring down cassper nyovest that’s th reason why he’s so quiet remember what k.o did to MT

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