Visual Digest: Everything That Falls Get Broken

A visual glance of memorable text, images and people. 

Everybody needs two things in life: love and  and a place to call home. And speaking of which what’s teenage and youth life without a little love lock-down and teenage heartbreak? From having your first kiss, to falling in love, only to have your heart broken and not forgetting the rebel stage were defying your parents, smoking and drinking seems cool – it’s actually not.

Today in Visual Digest, we ponder on some interesting lyrics from Taylor Swift’s 2012 song “State Of Grace”.

“We should love not fall in love, because everything that falls gets broken” 

But then again, what’s love if you don’t fall hard. Getting broken is part of life and experience is the best teacher, or so they say, And as the saying goes what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger. So as much as we love Taylor, we leave you with our own take on love: suck it up, follow your heart and love like there’s no tomorrow. And next time someone says don’t fall in love you might get hurt, roll your eyes and simple say, don’t live you might die.


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