Redefining The Standard Of Fashion

 Pictured Above: Model Sanele Xaba

Celebrating fashion through diversity

Like cool, beauty and handsome are ambiguous words. Highly subjective even. Perhaps it’s best to leave it at the popular phrase, ‘Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’.

In the fashion world, the notion of beauty and the perfect model has been pre-conceived for the longest time. Tall, white and blonde hair.  But with the addition of previously unlikely figures (heavily tatooed models and models with albinism) on the runways and in high fashion campaigns) it’s clear a bit of diversity is trickling in.

“Blonde hair, flat chest. TV says bigger is better. South beach, sugar free. Vogue says thinner is better”, Beyonce sings in Pretty Hurts. 

Overseas models like Shaun Ross and Diandra Forest opened the doors for models with Albinism. On the other side of the pond Winnie Harlow aka Chantelle Winnie, a model with vitiligo went from America’s Next Top Model to runway shows and booking campaigns. In this age of unconventional times, different has become somewhat cool. Especially in fashion where the industry is saturated, with everyone from bloggers to fashion designers gunning for attention. What better way to get it that to cast a distinct figure who breaks all the typical model standard and look. It might not always be the case but it’s been done. Perhaps its not all for attention and buzz but more for the art of diversity and creativity, bringing something different to the table.

In South Africa, Sanele Xaba is one such model. For the past few seasons he has walked numerous runways at SA Fashion Week and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in South Africa. Along with fellow models Refilwe Modiselle and Thando Hopa they are setting new standards in fashion and beauty, proving that different truly is beautiful.

And the simple take away – all forms of beauty should be celebrated.


Image via models Instagram @sanele_xaba.

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