Monday Soundtrack: “Cool Kids”






Every Monday we curate a a soundtrack of the day to take the blue out of blue Monday. Today, “Cool Kids” by Echosmith is that song. The single tells the story of two invisible kids who just want to be noticed. Their only wish: to be cool.  Side Note: This band is made up of four siblings ranging from age 15 – 21. Still amazed at the maturity of their sound – T.G.S Loves! 

Cool is an ambiguous word. In pop culture and society a cool person is often distinguished by class, a certain dress sense and looks. But for us, cool is much more than just that. It’s also about character, confidence, style, expression, individuality and the way one carries themselves. In movies, cool has been portrayed as having conventional looks and expensive material belongings –  the “hot” jock who drives a sports car for the guys and the “hot” girl in short skirts, blonde hair and bright lipstick who every guy crushes on for the girls.

I remember back in high school. In a quest to be “cool”, I took an almost empty bottle of expensive female perfume that belonged to my sister just to show off to my friends. Thinking back now it’s one of the funniest and most embarrassing things I have ever done. I might known have been seen as cool back then but the truth is I have always been cool. Effortlessly cool if l might add. But that’s the society we live in; were flashy translates to cool and those who are not acknowledged are deemed uncool and awkward.

In the words of

“Kids who are cool in seventh and eighth grade are so desperate to stay cool as young adults that they engage in unadvisable activities. The takeaway? Teens are better off when they don’t care about what other people think—as hard as that may be”

So fuck society and pop culture, whether you’re a plain Jane, black lipstick and blue haired kind of girl, or super intelligent boy with double thick lenses or even the fashion-backward teen who likes 90s jeans and 70s t-shirts you’re just as cool if not more so own it, point you head up high and walk like you run this shit, because the title is yours too! Besides being different is far more interesting.


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