Reactions To DJ Kent Metro FM Award Snub

Kent wasn’t nominated and the people are not happy!

DJ Kent fans and the public have taken to social media (Twitter) to question why the popular DJ was not nominated for the 2014 Annual Metro FM Awards, after having one of the biggest singles of 2013 with “Spin My World Around” and his 2013 record ‘The WeeKent’ which shot straight to No. 1 on the second week of  release. The three disc album reached gold status in two months and went on to dominate the album sales and airplay charts.

Part of my weekend was spent compiling Twitter reactions on  the ‘award snub’. Check them out below.



2 thoughts on “Reactions To DJ Kent Metro FM Award Snub

  1. yeah that is unfair to @DjkentSA as the weekent was the best ulbum of 2013-2014 but i will not worry coz he said this himself “My time will come” and I believe. Salute Kent the King of House music……#mma knws that too but the nomminaters i knw they Hate him as they always did nd I knw who are them….1 is Oskido………

  2. Wtf this ppl of metro fm don’t under stand wat music is how the hell can The KING of house not be nominated 4 any ting when most of they guys wu have been nominated get inspiration 4 him # if this is what music is about I don’t want it #a special kind of day on top of the world spin my world around cherie amour breeze vertigo guitar boogie ?

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