Unlikely Collabo’s Of 2013

2013 was an interesting year in music. From low record sales to unlikely collaborations that went from Rock and Hip-hop to House and Indie-rock. While some got it right and delivered a fresh sound, others just simply lost the plot. Here are six Unlikely Collabo’s of 2013.


DJ Qness & December Streets – Daydreamer

A House DJ/producer and Rock band collabo. Never in our “Daydreaming” did we think this would ever happen. Both acts had an interesting 2013 to say the least. From Qness’ Illuminati rumours to December Streets sort of ‘break-out’ year.

Potential: Festival Anthem

Parlotones feat Khuli Chana – Sleep Walker

Released earlier this year, we definitely didn’t see this one coming. Rock and Hip-hop sure make an interesting sound. Khuli Chana, one of SA’s most loved rappers x local US based band Parlotones. Smart move for Chana to break in to the white market and vice-versa.


Liquideep feat Ice Prince – Never Be The Same

Liquideep and BET Award winner Ice Prince teamed up on this R&b inspired joint and after that first listen, we will surely “Never Be The Same”. While Liquideep’s album didn’t receive as much hype or sell (so we’ve heard) as much as their 2010 Fabrics of the Herat record, Ice Prince on the other hand dominated the news this year – from winning awards and featuring in some interesting collabo’s to dropping his latest album Fire of Zamani.

Mafikizolo feat May D – Happiness

Mafikizolo released this single, a collabo with Nigeria’s May D following their chart topping single “Khona”. The track (as far as we can see) didn’t receive half the success of “Khona”. An interesting collabo nonetheless. We’re not sure though if this collabo was enough for the SA group to break into the Naija market.

Vince Kidd feat Ice Prince – Manga Life

I broke the news of this collabo on MTV Base earlier this year and Twitter went crazy! And while some talk of Thug Life, UK’s Vince Kidd and Ice Prince say “Manga Life”.

Beyonce feat Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Flawless

It seems girls run the world was just a metaphor that she (Beyonce) runs the world… well musically. In this new track from her new surprise album ‘Beyonce’, which by the way has broken a few records just days after it release, B features Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Say what???


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