Kanye West On Jimmy Kimmel

Kanye West recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live following a sketch in which Kimmel made fun of the rappers BBC interview with Zane Lowe. “We had a big, dumb fight on Twitter but he was nice enough to agree to come and talk about it tonight”, Kimmel said in his introduction. “Thank you for coming l’m very happy that you came. I wanted to clear this up, l really feel bad about all of this stuff”, the TV host continued.

On Kanye being misunderstood, Kimmel said: 

“A lot of times l think you bring it on yourself, this kind of misunderstanding about you. A lot of people think you’re a jerk. And l often in my own personal conversations say no, l know this guy, he is not a jerk”.

And Kanye responded with: 

“I’m not running for office. I’m just here to like make good music, make people feel good when they hear my music. And you know when l did that interview l was pretty vocal about things that l had been dealing with over the past 10 years when l was putting  in classification of just a celebrity cause you know for me l’m a creative genius and there’s no other way to word it. l know you’re not suppose to say that about yourself  and l say things the wrong way a lot of times but my intention is always positive and l wanna bring more things to the world, l wanna help the world,  l wanna make people’s lives easier.

l spent two of my cheques in tele-marketing when l was 18 years old on you know my first pair of Gucci slippers and this was before they had H&M and Zara you know, you couldn’t just find cool stuff when you were growing up and for me l care about cool stuff. It means something to me, its means something to a lot of people that are  like me and that’s what l was talking about on the Zane interview.

If you guys look at the Zane interview its really something extremely fearless for someone in my position to do cause most people just like bow down to TV or whatever, bow down to these camera’s. l could care less about any of these cameras in all honesty. All l care about is my family, l care about protecting my girl, protecting my baby and protecting my ideas and dreams. And that’s the reason why l went so crazy”.

On Kanye calling himself a genius Kimmel said: 

“When you said you’re a genius. l think that upsets people but the truth is a lot of people think they are geniuses but nobody says it because its weird to say it but it is most certainly more honest to say l am a genius”.

And Kanye’s response was:

“l’m totally weird and l’m totally honest and l’m totally inappropriate sometimes and the thing is, for me to say l wasn’t a genius l would just be lying to you and to myself”.

In the interview Kanye also talks about his struggle to break into the fashion industry, classism and what he calls ‘disrespectful paparadzi’.

What l got from this interview:  Kanye West is an extreme creative who’s a bit ahead of our time and frustrated by the lack of platform to express and perform his ideas and creativity.


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