Albums To Look Out For In October

June – September seemed to be the busiest months in the world of music, with numerous artists dropping new records every left, right and center. Playing the postponing game also seemed to be a trend among artists (both local & international).

Check out these albums to look out for in the month of October.


Album: Three Second Memory

Release Date: October 15

What to Expect: Ibiza Style Dance Anthems 

The dance duo gave fans a taste of what to expext in their new album with tracks like “Take Back Tomorrow” and “One Million Views” and their most recent release “Three Second Memory”, a single named after the album. Goldfish spent their summer touring Europe and will launch the new album at the Amsterdam Dance Event in the Netherlands on October 18.

DJ Qness

Album: On Cue Vol 3 (Good Ass Job)

Release Date: 25 October 

What to Expect: Soulful House meets Pop

This has to be the most interesting house album of the year. For his third album, Qness collaborated with the likes of indie rock band December Streets (we know… talk about an unlikely collabo). It seems the DJ likes to keep his fans guessing not only with his music but with everything he does. This anticipated record also features guest appearances from legendary Zimbabwean singer Oliver Mtukudzi, Marissa Guzman as well as a talented new-comer by the name of Msimisi.


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