Five Emotional Songs That Get You Thinking

A lot of times (if not always) music determines our mood (don’t give me the blank stare, I’m sure you know what l mean). In no particular order check out these emotional songs that dig really deep. They are sure to get you thinking about memories and far away places… places that you’ve possibly never been to before.

Jimmy Nevis – Balloon remix [2013]

Fly Away

Sounds like: Gospel meets pop

For Fans Of: John Legend

Undoubtedly one of the break out stars of 2013, Nevis teams up with Kwesta on this remix version of his 2012 single “Balloon”.  The soulful  rhythms, smooth vocals and powerful lyrics reach the core of your being and at that point all you want to do is fly… just like a balloon (no pun intended).

Daniel Baron – Not Here [2013]

No one to dry the tears

Sounds Like: Heartbreak

For Fans Of: Daughtry

Pop-rock meets rap. Baron features legendary rapper Proverb in this heartwarming single that talks about missing a loved one and finding it hard to move on.

Elvis Blue – Lighthouse

You’re the lighthouse. Yes You!

Sounds Like: Hope

For Fans Of: David Archuleta

Elvis is possibly the most successful Idols winner in SA. This song takes you to space and back with its strong lyrics and soft melodies.  Definitely one of his best singles to date.

Parlotones – Sleepwalker [2013]

I’m a fucken sleepwalker

Sounds Like: A frustrated sleepwalker.

For Fans Of: One Republic

In this unlikely collabo, the Parlotones team up with rapper Khuli Chana to deliver a slow-tempo chart topping track. If you ever wondered what you get from mixing rock with rhymes, wonder no more! Parlotones lead singer Kahn Morbee delivers sleek vocals with his distinct voice.

Blackbyrd – All Of Me [2012]

Not half but all…

Sounds like: Sadness

For Fans Of: David Cook

A soulful debut track from music trio Blackbyrd. With soft guitar strings and heart wrenching lyrics, this one is sure to get you teary eyed.


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