Ross Jack’s “Notes From The Wild”

Name: Ross Jack

Where he’s from: Benoni, South Africa

Genre: Hip-hop/Urban

For Fans of: Labrinth

Sounds like: Youth, robot dance & wild fun all mashed up into 1.

After making his mark as a producer, Ross Jack has turned to rapping to also make his mark as a musician. The first single off his upcoming album is titled “TV’s In The Swimming Pool”, if that’s not catchy enough for you, his fresh sound composed of different genres and influences is sure to grab and keep your attention. In “TV’s In The Swimming Pool”, he raps about trying to live before dying – combining catchy lyrics with  captivating Dubstep rhythms.

For his debut album” Notes From The Wild” the rapper worked with Pete Boxsta Martin, a UK based mix engineer. The record which features collaborations with  Chianosky, Zues, Adam Howard, Riot and Kat Winter is due for release on iTunes tomorrow (September 27).

Check out “TV’s In The Swimming Pool” video below:


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