Kanye West’s BBC Interview With Zane Lowe

Kaye West was recently interviewed by BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe. In the interview, the rapper talks about his latest album  ‘Yeezus’, fashion, art, creativity and his inspiration Michael Jackson. Speaking about the album, the “Good Morning” rapper revealed, “This is what frustration sounds like”. He also talks about being misunderstood and people classifying his motivational speeches as rants.

“I have reached the glass ceiling, as a creative person and a celebrity. When l say that it means l want to do product, l am a product person. Not just clothing but water bottle design, architecture everything you know that you could think about. And I’ve been at it for 10 years”, he continues.

“Rap is the new Rock n roll”. It’s been like that for a minute Hedi Slimane. We the real rock stars and l’m the biggest of all of them!”, he concludes.

Check out part 1 of the interview below:


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