On The Rise: December Streets


Name: December Streets

Where They’re From: Pretoria, South Africa

When They Started: 2009

Genre: Alternative indie, Pop-rock

Sounds Like: A funky college soundtrack.

The December Streets are out for world domination! Their danceable melodies and smooth vocals have earned them a spot on various music charts in South Africa. The band was formed in 2009 by lead singer Tristan Coetzee and bass/sax player Gideon Meyer. Together, they later met Nico van Loggerenberg, Corneil Clasen and Waldo Boshoff to create what we now know as December Streets. Their name is as interesting as the introduction on their bio: feet stomping, skirt lifting, shoulder popping musical bliss, it reads, as seen on their website.

When asked to define their sound in a previous interview, the band gave an interesting response: “Rock music met pop music and they had a baby. The baby of funk and reggae met that baby and their baby is what you could be listening to right now”.

Their debut album ‘This Is’, which features the smash hit “Thief” was released in 2012. It embodies a young, fresh sound with a hint of retro elements, African rhythms and “feel good” vibes. A winning combination for a genre that is overshadowed by House/Dance music. But with their eclectic sound and impressive guitar skills it’s clear that this band is on the rise!


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